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I'm the owner of Rising Up Studios, Stephen Jackson, and I'm coming all the way from Japan to your pc or mobile device. On this blog, I would like to showcase my pictures from all over the world and my passion for photography. Please, take the time to look and enjoy.


Derek DeBetham

Budapest, Hungary proved that you never know what’s going to happen or who you will meet while on vacation. Randomly, I saw a skate park and decided to take pictures. This is where I met the very talented and driven, Derek DeBetham. He has his own crew and is building his own skate company, Starving Skateboards. He comes all the way from California, so needless to say that I was surprised that I met someone in Budapest that was from California. We’re happy to be working with Starving Skateboards in the future. Cheers to randomness!

[Outtake Gallery Preview] 

Kanon is a young woman that impresses me every time that I’m around her. I had the pleasure to photograph her for my gallery, that’ll be premiering mid-late 2015, and she wanted to see one photo. Now, I usually don’t show photos to the people I’m photographing but I bent the rule this one time. I look at her as a younger sister and she’s one of my top inspirations. 




EP cover/jacket shoot


Hair/Makeup: Keiko Terachi 

Assistant: Signe





Jul. 12th, 2014

Hiroshi Suitsu’s Birthday Bash 

Venue: Live Station Meguro 


Punk Disco: Raw lV

July 19th, 2014





Hiroshi Suitsu’s Birthday Bash

Velvet Cherry: Mayo

I’ve known Mayo for almost two year and she’s one of my best friends. We have shared our fears, dreams, and inspirations with one another. She has inspired so many musicians and she’s always there for friends. She’s a rock and roll angel. Her drumming skills are impressive and anyone that has seen her perform knows this holds true. The 21st marks her last night performing with the rock group, Velvet Cherry. I’ve taken pictures of the band for a long while now, and they’ve become a family to me. Mayo is one of the individuals that has truly helped Rising Up Studios and she’ll forever be a major influence in my life.


恐怖、夢、憧れ、色々な話しました。 たくさんのミュージシャンに影響を与えました。 友達のことはいつも考えています。ロックアンドロールの天使です。 ドラムの才能は最高です! パフォーマンスを見た人は皆感動します。 21日にマヨはVelvet Cherryでの最後のライブです。 このバンドとは前から写真撮っていて、家族になりました。 今、ライジングアップはマヨのおかげで知名度が上がって活動の場が広がりました。マヨの事は絶対忘れません!




Hurly Burly: Red & Black

(from right to left)

Guitar: Rai - Bass: Hibiki - Drums: Aoi - Vocals: Yūmi - Guitar: Shin


Velvet Cherry: Hayato

Hayato is the bass player for the Japanese rock band, Velvet Cherry. He’s the newest member, but he’s been playing with them like they’ve played music together for multiple years. He’s one of the most genuine people I know, and his bass playing is spot on. Whenever he steps on stage you see a smile on his face appear and you then feel that first pluck of the bass string in your bones. His playing truly compliments Shinichi’s thrashing on guitar to form an aggressive combination that belongs in an arena.



Last Sunday, I was taking pictures for fun and I wanted to practice panning from afar. For these three gems I had my 70-200 mounted and was eyeing this cyclist that was riding a blood red bicycle. I loved what I captured because it caught the craziness of Shibuya, Tokyo, through, what I imagined, was her view of Shibuya at the time.

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