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I'm the owner of Rising Up Studios, Stephen Jackson, and I'm coming all the way from Japan to your pc or mobile device. On this blog, I would like to showcase my pictures from all over the world and my passion for photography. Please, take the time to look and enjoy.


(Sample) ザ・ビールス (The Beers): Japanese Punk Rock at its finest

Voc./G: Heine kenpa 
Drums: YUNA weizer

This was my first time taking pictures of this particular punk band… all that I can say is what I saw was beyond good. This band demands respect as soon as they step on stage. It was an honor taking pictures of them and if you’re in the Tokyo area you should get some free time to see this band perform. You’ll be sweating so much that you’ll need a new shirt. 

Truly, a very talented band. 


Family: Church (Samples)

This small church in the Netherlands.

 Oudehaske, Badweg, Jousterwe Haskerhorne Herv. Kerk is where this gem is located. It’s in the center of a very small rural area where people are genuinely nice and wear their hearts on their sleeve. It was a great experience and I took these shots for the DeRuiter family. It took me a long while to study architecture photography and I feel that I did a successful job. 

Punk Disco & the Cross Dressers

On the 19th of Jul., I had the privilege to photograph the Japanese punk group, Punk Disco. If you’ve been following my tumblr then you’ve definitely have seen quite a few photos of them. I love working with this band because their shows are the wildest shows around. On this particular night, they performed at El Puente. El Puente is a small venue but they have some of the wildest shows in Japan and when shows are more intimate with so many special moments to photograph. Here is the bass/lead singer of Punk Disco, Adem, posing while in the middle of a song with the cross dressers of El Puente. Two of my favorite shots from that night. It’s always a wild time at a Punk Disco show. 



Gallery Outtakes: Sandra 

Here are three outtakes that I won’t be using for my gallery next summer. 

Assistant: Alexandra

Currently I’m working hard bringing Rising Up’s first gallery up next summer. I’m having the time of my life meeting wonderful people that want to be a part of this concept. Unfortunately I can’t tell any of you about the concept yet, but Máté and myself have been discussing the concept and we’ve been working hard to bring something exciting to the forefront. 

This Swedish/Filipino individual is called, Sandra Caraan. She’s an accomplished vlogger on Youtube that documents her life and a good friend of mine. Such a sweet individual that wears her heart on her sleeve. Definitely be sure to check out her channel on the link below. 



Derek DeBetham

Budapest, Hungary proved that you never know what’s going to happen or who you will meet while on vacation. Randomly, I saw a skate park and decided to take pictures. This is where I met the very talented and driven, Derek DeBetham. He has his own crew and is building his own skate company, Starving Skateboards. He comes all the way from California, so needless to say that I was surprised that I met someone in Budapest that was from California. We’re happy to be working with Starving Skateboards in the future. Cheers to randomness!

[Outtake Gallery Preview] 

Kanon is a young woman that impresses me every time that I’m around her. I had the pleasure to photograph her for my gallery, that’ll be premiering mid-late 2015, and she wanted to see one photo. Now, I usually don’t show photos to the people I’m photographing but I bent the rule this one time. I look at her as a younger sister and she’s one of my top inspirations. 




EP cover/jacket shoot


Hair/Makeup: Keiko Terachi 

Assistant: Signe





Jul. 12th, 2014

Hiroshi Suitsu’s Birthday Bash 

Venue: Live Station Meguro 


Punk Disco: Raw lV

July 19th, 2014





Hiroshi Suitsu’s Birthday Bash

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